Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Working on fabric picture journals

I've been printing out photos on this fabric paper, and then making journal pages using them. It's fun, easy, and they will make great presents! Im offering a workshop in a couple of weeks. Check back for details!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

My Snowstorm Quilt and a Free Workshop!!!

So it snowed today. And snowed. And snowed. So I worked on the quilt I decided on last night, the quilt of the hoarded fabrics! But that doesn't sound nice, so I am calling it my Snowstorm Quilt. I got it all pieced and I am sending it out!!! yes, I am!! I am going to pay someone to quilt this for me. It is too big to wrestle on my Janome. It will get messed up, I will get a neck ache and a shoulder ache, and it is not worth the aggravation. I will pay to have it done right. I am good with that. If I want this to last a lifetime, it has to be done right, and I can't do a big quilt right. I am good up to about a lap quilt. After that, it is a big struggle. So...I am bringing it tomorrow. 

And, Big News!! I am going to host a Beginner Modern Quilt Workshop on Feb 8th and 9th at my North Creek studio. You have to come with fabric and lunch - I will supply all else. We will make an easy quilt of your choice, or I can help you choose. I am going to work on getting some more experienced help, but I can help you make a lap quilt with a simple pattern and bring it home with you on Sunday. 

There is lodging up here in North Creek, or you can come up each day. Saturday is 8AM to 4PM, or later if you want to play, and Sunday is 9AM to 4PM, or whenever you are done. Email me at if you are interested!! 

And enjoy the snow, east coasters!!!

I'm making colorful for a while!!

I decided to go through my stash and pull out the favorite fabrics I have been hoarding for a while. Here are two:

I am going to make a simple quilt with big blocks using these favorite fabrics, for ME! I haven't made a quilt for me since my second quilt, and now is the time!!!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Making the (semi)old new again

My mother made some blocks, all by hand, when she was learning to quilt with a neighbor. She lost interest and has had the locks for about 25 years. She gave them to me about 5 years ago, and I wondered what to do with 3 blocks, so,they sat there.

This Christmas, she asked me for a table runner in red, white and blue. I went out and bought the fabrics and was ready to cut them up when I thought,"Hmmmm...I have those blocks!" They are maroon, cream and blue, so I took them out and played with them. They would be a lovely,big table runner. So I sewed, and pieced and quilted. 

Almost finished! It's been a long time since I "free ranged" as I call it! 

Have a wonderful and blessed Christmas! 

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Been Away a While

Hi all,
I have been away for a while. I haven't been quilting much. My pottery business has taken off quite a bit, and that has taken a lot of my time. But my mother is calling me back to my sewing machine. She wants me to make her a table runner for Christmas, so I have to get sewing again!

I am thinking of a couple of designs. She wants red, white and blue, so I picked out the fabrics today. I may do the Ribbon Design, from fresh lemon quilts found here:

Or the shoo fly, found here:

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Hi there!

I haven't been here for a while! I have been busy with other forms of art, art that is less structured than quilting. Quilting scares me. It also takes a long term commitment. Fear is the enemy of creativity, which is why I just signed up for a art coaching program called "Creatively Fit," taught by Whitney Ferre. It is going to teach me how to teach others to let go, and be creative. Something we all can use, right?!?

I am looking forward to sharing some of my Creatively Fit adventures with you!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Some Art Journals from Modern fabrics

I am making some art journals for sale and for presents, using some of my favorite stash and some new Michael Miller fabrics. Do you think I like brights? I love them! Am working on making some more, will update when I am finished.